Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mr.Casino: Cro-Magnon Garbage Disposal

Well I again have shocking and appalling tales from the punchbowl that is my apartment. This evening has started of with the customary wine extravaganza. Not much out of sorts about that, but on this evening I happen to enjoy the company of a lady. So I decide that I will cook dinner.

My Nemisis: A Box of Wine
I must be under the mistaken delusion that I have a right to enjoy this evening without drunken stupidity. I in fact had the distinct displeasure of being proven wrong, yet again. After having to blatantly ask for the kitchen to be cleaned, like some sort of vagrant beggar asking for change on your way to work. I prepare the feast of a whole oven roasted chicken with stuffing and accouterments.

Surprisingly accurate stock photo.

The chicken stayed safe in the oven for the whole two hours. But I knew, I was only entering the danger zone now. So dishes are plated; my guest and I enjoy a delicious feast.  Having an urge for more delicious chicken I decide to seek another piece. What I am confronted with is the most socially unintelligent evidence, I have to date. My guest prefers not to eat the chicken skin so she leaves it in with the chicken. Mr.Casino actually went into our food and took literally half the chickens skin and a few pieces of meat. I am of the mind that at 43 years old and you conduct yourself like this, you must either be the fabled "missing link" or the product of an evolutionary back-step. I wonder if Mr.Casino's parents were cousins or something.

Mr.Casino actually ate the skin off my chicken.
What does one do when confronted with such a latent lack of common social graces. I am still in shock that one person could be so vulgar and socially retarded, while keeping themselves out of a government run institution. 

Mr.Casino: A Candid Shot

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