Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mr.Casino's More Introduction/Back Story

So to continue the saga. Living with an alcoholic is not exactly an optimal situation, especially when you can't get out. It's like living on a dingy in a shit storm that's only calm seas are during the alcoholic's sleep and brief (5hrs) sober daytime (the festivities usually don't kick off til about 5pm).

A storms, A brewing

Without further adieu, My tale picks up where I last left off. So now he has lost what income he has had coming in. Lucky for the landlord he had some savings which didn't last long. That did not stop the drinking, no no the wine must flow. This is about January 2010, things are out of hand, gallons of wine every night, black outs, and fall down pass outs are rampant. This is apparently what has been transpiring for the last year while I was away. February hits and he's got no money for rent but the wine still flows, I question this. He claims to be borrowing money from friends. Mind you his monthly habit is approximately $440. I want to tell him that if the rents not paid the wine shouldn't be here. But I try to mind my own business. He says hes going to get a job. I say ok. March rolls in and still no rent. I am not happy but as luck would have it I got a contract and was able to put him on. Knowing full well he's a liability, but the rent must be paid, so I get him $20 an hour, yes folks $20 an hour. I say to myself he should have no trouble catching up and all will be well, for now at least. He starts work and his performance is sub par but acceptable. April, He says he's catching up, I say great. By my calculations he needed one more pay cycle and all should be right. He's still drinking but as long as the bills are paid I mind my own business. I did my intervention, failed miserably, but life goes on.

Get him a $20 an hour job, he drinks like the world ends tomorrow. 

May is here, things are the same as always. He drunk every night, blasting the TV to full tilt (the TV fiasco deserves it's own post, stay tuned), not cleaning up after himself. I have to eat take out cause the kitchen is deplorable. Not a single fork, knife, dish clean anywhere. I am going crazy, I want to move out but my location was key for my commute to work, I'm stuck. My friends come to visit and he tells them the same story he told them last time with varying degrees of slurred speech. The living room is a mess, nobody but him sits in there; we always retreat to my room. My friends stop coming over. I can't bring the girl I was dating home because it's an embarrassment. I'm at my wits end.

My friends stop visiting me and no ladies over.

Toward the end of May he meets a woman. She is a flight attendant and visits him when shes here. I'm like finally! Maybe he will clean up his act. He cleans the house, he's still drinking but at least he's doing so more responsibly. I can start cooking food in the house, which saves me a lot of money. Plus I'm sick of Chinese food. My friends are still not visiting but they do invite me over their places with some frequency. I am now pitiable, this bothers me to no end. Still does. I am the type of person who works for everything he has. I own everything in my possession outright. I've never had a credit card, I owe no bank or person for that matter, a single red cent.

So fast forward to July, our contract is over so we both go on unemployment. Which is a good thing, bills should get paid etc. One night the internet and cable go out. I am pissed. i have been giving him the money to pay the bill and he's been drinking it away. I am livid. I embarrass him in front of his new girlfriend, he settles the bill the next day. A week later he approaches me says he wants to talk about his girlfriend who hasn't left in awhile. I see the writing on the wall but, I'm cool because it's a reduction in rent, plus she seems fairly clean and he doesn't get quite as drunk around her. I'm like a I may finally have an ally in all of this. Boy was I wrong...

His GF moves in

We will continue this saga after I calm down.

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