Tuesday, January 27, 2015

At Least He Doesn't Have Children!

This is a probable outcome if he had children. FUCKING SAD! If this doesn't make you want to stop drinking and take care of your kids, I don't know what will.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Mr.Casino's Downward Spiral is Almost at it's End!

So it has finally started to dwindle down to the nitty gritty here. I have been away from writing for awhile due to the banality of work (almost have enough $ to move out) and the behavior has been slightly improved but as usual I end up sitting here angry in front of the computer. Back to the disappoint. 

So where was I... So Mr.Casino is still behind in rent and his alcoholism still leaves him a horrible roommate. Mrs. Casino hasn't had a job in 6 months and is still enabling. Mr.Casino got a temp gig for awhile (hence the brief period of good behavior) but that ended so we are back to the dark times. Interesting side note, Mrs.Casino's broken came out a bit during his temp gig, she job searched for a week and then started following him to work like a broken puppy dog. 

Apparently he started paying rent again and the management  told him that he needs to start paying the back rent too. Well what do you know, the wine must flow so they haven't gotten much cash and now they are most likely are going to start eviction proceedings. EVICTION LOOMS!

So the other day he comes to me and says that the cable/internet bill is due and he has no money. He asks me to loan him $50 bucks on top of what I owe. The funny part about that is if he was actually trying I would of paid the bill. But no instead he's fucking obliterated, in the other room blasting music at 11:30pm. If you don't have money for bills you shouldn't have money for wine. I"M NOT LOANING HIM SHIT!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mr. and Mrs.Casino: Challenge Accepted!

So I have been quiet the last month due to a respite in the drunken antics. From previous experience I knew this was not going to last, so here I am again with more tales of woe and intrigue.

Last night I decided to do some baking of the chocolate chip cookie kind. I meander into the kitchen and what to I see dishes from last nights dinner and it's 7pm the next day.

Now after having a conversation a month ago about this, I felt that improvements have been made. From the pic above, you see how wrong I was. So during this time they are taking a nap, so I do the best I can and get my cookies in the oven. As I'm taking out my delicious cookies out of the oven, the Casino's arise and plop down on the couch like nothing is wrong. I look at Mr.Casino and say "Dude, the dishes are overflowing!", now I figure I'm going to get some half assed apology. No, I got "Yup" like yup the dishes are overflowing so what. I wasn't that mad to begin with, but when I heard "Yup" as in fuck you, I was incensed with rage. I take my cookies into my room, pace for a minute while I let the "yup" sink in. I then go out into to the living room and ask "So yup is your answer?" all I get some incredulous look. Now it's tirade time, I blatantly ask him if he thinks he lives here alone. Mr.Casino responds with no, so I continue with then why is the kitchen a disaster area again? He's like what do you mean? What do I mean I mean that there's dishes in the sink from last nights dinner and it's 7pm the next day, this is what we talked about a month ago. He tells me "yeah we talked about this a month ago, to which I respond "and yet we are here again". I go on to explain that this is disrespectful and that it is unacceptable to leave the kitchen like this for me to use. At this point Mrs.Casino decides to join the party explaining that there is no malice behind it. Now we have never really had this kind of interaction before so she has no idea what she just signed up for. I immediately tell her that being drunk and lazy is no excuse and her response tells me that their motives must be of a purely selfish nature. I take her silence as understanding she's been browbeaten.

I go on to explain that I've been taking pictures of the kitchen in various states of mess. Now Mr.Casino is taken off guard, all I get is a "What, why would you do that?". I explain that I fear I'm not being heard and I feel the need to gather evidence. Now he knows shit is about to get real and quiets down. I haven't alluded what I do for a living but one of my skill sets is doing research on other people and companies dirty secrets and exposing them. Mr.Casino knows this very well and has seen some of the debilitating after effects of my masterful deeds. So now he just sits there real quiet, being that this is the 3rd conversation we are having about this, he knows there will not be a 4th. Having said my piece I end the conversation with "I'm going to my room to relax now"

Close representation of Mr.Casino's face after he figures out I'm through playing with them

Now the fun begins. So I go to my room and have a smoke. I'm just trying to chill out at this point because my temper is in full effect and the Casino's have never met that monster before. I hear dishes being washed and so at least I know I was heard. Things are quiet for about an hour. Then I hear them arguing. I would have to be completely oblivious to not know it was about me. So I decide to listen in. She claims the cigarette smoke gives her headaches, especially in the mornings, which would of course have nothing to do with the hangover from sharing a gallon of wine the night before, but I digress. So now I'm laughing cause it's abundantly obvious that since she took a mental beating she is now going to make me "a problem". Bitch please, you life is such a mess that you ended up quitting you job to spend more time with your alcoholic boyfriend. So now that both of you haven't paid the rent since January/2012 and we are probably going to get evicted. Now she's going to take a stand and say that I'm the cause of her hangover headaches, pfft. My other favorite tidbit was the phrase " I can't argue with someone who won't let me get a word in edgewise". Lmao, bitch you failed as soon as you tried to take on your mental superiors, I don't mean this to sound conceded but the truth is the truth.

So they go to bed early without their usual sexy time shower. There is no sex in my angry champagne room, lol. So fast forward to today, I wake up head to the bathroom right past her and don't say shit. She immediately gets up and washes the sink full of dishes. Too bad it was out of spite with a cunty look on her face. I don't give two fucks you're upset because you have to do what you should have been doing the whole time. She decides to go out while I shower and all that, I guess to alleviate the awkwardness that I'm more than happy to bask in. Upon her return a short time ago, she decides that she is going to spray my door with air freshener, making my whole room smell like a french whore house. Even goes as far to turn on the air conditioner in the window next to my door to hide the sound of the air freshener. So it appears the game is now afoot, challenge accepted!

This is where the fun is really going to begin. I am prepared to take this to the extreme. I've had plans on moving out for sometime now. I just had to wait til I got my next job, which is literally about to start this week. So first order of business is running a background check. She is previously divorced and for some reason she didn't even get partial custody of the kids. Which if you have been through divorce court there is a bias toward giving the kids to the mother. So you really have to be a fuck up of a mother to not get custody of the kids. My instincts tell me this is going to be good, chances are she wasn't smart enough to have the records sealed, so we will get the full story.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mr. Casino: Only Swine Wallow in Their Own Shit!

Still chugging along here... The conditions are still deplorable. Think of when your roommate gets drunk on a Saturday and makes a mess. Instead of waking up on Sunday and apologizing, Mr.Casino just repeats the process all over again.

Mr.Casino (stock photo)

I only got 2 days with a clean kitchen after I had a talk with him twice.

So It appears that the toilet has also decided to join the party. Not only do I get to wallow in dirty dishes but now shit splatters.

Explosive Wino Poop 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr.Casino: The Dishes Are Still Not Done!

So I have been quiet for a bit. I've just not had the heart to type out the same nonsense I have already illustrated. Mr.Casino continues to drink and can not control himself like a courteous human being, same old story.

So 4 days ago I have a talk with Mr. and Mrs.Casino about the deplorable status of the kitchen. They both agree that they need to do better and that they will not be leaving dishes in the sink over night. I say to myself "How could this be, they are actually on the same page for once." So I leave the conversation feeling good, not even needing to go into the "I live here too" and  "It's disrespectful to me" speech.

I don't know why I get my hopes up. It's just a set up for failure. This is my sink right now at 1am.

Not even 4 days! Some of the ideas are as follows:
1. Wash the dishes and bill them for my time at the end of the month. I would deduct it right out of the rent.
2. Get a maid to wash the dishes and do the same deduction at the end of the month.
3. Pile them up on the coffee table where they hang out, with a sign that says "Not an Art Project".
4. Throw the offending dishes out.
5. Hire well endowed African-American for forcible sodomy of Mr.Casino.
6. Rophenol their wine and handcuff them naked to a park bench.

New and interesting suggestions will be entertained, please comment below.